This is a refresh of an existing IRL Go-Kart track:   the Circuito Internazionale Del Volturno course in Caiazzo, Italy.   The real course is home to kart racing, drifting, Pit Bikes, SCCA style Miata races, and some other shennanigans that are eluded to on their web page, but not fully disclosed.  

It's a nice tight track that just needed a bit of tweaking to function well in MSFS.   So the primary changes that I made were to re-grade the area to make it smooth enough for a bit of drifting, and then a simple re-surface.   Both the main outer track and inner twisty track have been re-surfaced, but only the outer one has the sensors for Race if you're setting a timed run, use only that main route.    It can be a little confusing your first time around to tell the difference, but the main track has the double-yellow lines painted on the edge of the track.   The inner track has un-painted track edge.

AtomicTerrorPig's Race Tracker software is here..  While Race Tracker is not required, it's tough to brag about being fast if you don't have proof.