Punker's Paradise

This course was designed by FlyBye2TV and built by PapaMeesh.  It is an obvious attempt by FlyBye2 to get more people to race against, and it's a wonderful first outting.

It's got jumps.  Jumps and double-jumps and moguls.   It's situated in the tiny town of Arkut, Oman.   People there don't speak English, so when we made an agreement to build a track there, we might have gotten permission to set up a hot dog stand.    We're not sure, but you're going to love it.   Pop on over to FlyBye2TV's Twitch channel and challenge him to a race.  It will keep him entertained for hours!   https://www.twitch.tv/flybye2tv

It's compatile with https://flightsim.to/file/36369/race-tracker

Grab it so you can brag about your fastest times.   Plus, when FlyBye2TV does a scheduled race here, you'll need your score to be posted with Race Tracker to be elligible for prizes!!