This is probably my favorite race track of all time.   The Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari (aka Imola) is a famous Italian race course whos history goes back to 1953.   Back then, lunatics wearing nothing better than a leather helmet and pure macho grit would risk their lives on a speedway built for danger and thrills.    In the early 90's, chicanes were added to slow the action down because.. well, you can't just let the boys have fun, can you?

As you select HMB33 for your starting point, you will see quite a few spawn locations.  Some of them aren't even on the track property.  That's because I have always wanted to have enough money to just rent one of the neighboring homes and drive to the track with whatever vehicle I've decided to race that day.   So this mod has allowed me to live that dream for some time now.   And with the addition of some new drivable vehicles in the sim, I figured it was time to share this fantasy with the rest of you.

**  Compatible with AtomicTerrorPig's Race Tracker software