What's Included

This package contains all of the Queenstown airport RNP AR SIDs and approaches for use with the default MSFS navdata. The data is derived from the MSFS default navdata (waypoints), and the official AIP. These procedures are not included in worldwide navdata sets as they are operator specific and therefore not included with the sim by default.

The following procedures are included:

  • ANPOV4A (RW 05)
  • IPNOR4A (RW 05)
  • DOVMA3A (RW 05)
  • ANPOV4B (RW 23)
  • IPNOR4B (RW 23)
  • REDOL2B (RW 23)
  • RNP Y RW 05 (AR) (Airbus GPA coding)
  • RNP Z RW 05 (AR)
  • RNP Y RW 23 (AR) (Airbus GPA coding)
  • RNP Z RW 23 (AR)

What's Not Included

This package does not supplement navdata for aircraft that do not use the MSFS database, for example Fenix and PMDG.


Extract to your community folder as usual.

Navigraph Users

While not the intended use, this package may work alongside the Navigraph navdata for MSFS, but you may need to use the package reorder tool to put it above Navigraph. You may also encounter duplicate procedures where Navigraph also has the latest versions of the procedure.