Hold my Beer and watch this!  (Episode 34)

HMB-34 is the next installment of the Hold my Beer series.    This is another ground race.  Perfectly suitable for the Juice Goose and other drivable vehicles that take the driving performance a little further than golf-cart status.  (hopefully more are coming out soon)

If any of you remember the previous track I made that was supposed to emulate a rock-crawling event...  well, it didn't really slow anyone down.  Players seemed to just blast their way through with no regard for consequences.     https://flightsim.to/file/62771/juice-goose-race-track-rally1

So this one will add some greater reasons for going a bit slower, enjoying the process of picking a decent line, and since it's on the top of a mountain, you might even find yourself enjoying the scenery a bit.   I think this should be classified as a "Ridge Run", since the first couple of miles follows the spine of a mountain range.   Failure to respect the drop-offs will result in falling a loooong way.

As always, the Race Tracker software will save your elapsed time if you so choose... but it is not a necessary component.   Download Race Tracker Here

Once you cross the finish line, the valley continues down a few more miles and you'll enjoy some classic Alps landscapes... should you desire a bit of chill exploration after the run.  Imagine needing these roads to hop on over the the Quickie-Mart for a gallon of milk!    Amazing place.    I find myself running this in bad weather just to admire the clouds.

Oh..and speaking of bad weather, should you find this too "easy", there is always the option of turning it into a race, where even simple mistakes are amplified.   Also, adding a couple inches of snow will lower your traction to the point that I will have your attention.

What's with the Episode 34?   Where are all the other ones?  The "Drivable Vehicles" tracks are here on Flightsim.to.   But the Fixed wing and helicopter offerings are here:  https://sites.google.com/view/meeshtrax .   Bear with me while I try to find the best way to disperse these.