A good friend of mine was being nostalgic about a race track that was close to his home.    He wondered if I could fix a few terrain failures (that we all know are much too common in a flight sim such as this). 

So here it is.    Not only can you race around the track using whatever land-based vehicle you want, and the infield is home to a BMX track that you can play on if you happen to have a 4-wheeler capable of some limited off-roading.      But interestingly enough, the main track seems to be well suited to getting a few of your friends to join you in a race using Fire Engines.  (vaguely similar to FIFA truck racing, only much sillier).   For higher speeds, the Juice Goose is a good choice.  Or maybe someone will create something even better suited to racing?

So far, I've tested this with WombiiActual's Fire Truck, the electric baggage buggy, the jet buggy, Parallel 42's Juice Goose, and even a helicopter.  What you choose is up to you.    

And now the best part:  It's one thing to claim you're fast.  Now you can prove it.   This track is compatible with the ATP Race Tracker utility.  https://flightsim.to/file/36369/race-tracker

Grab Wombii's vehicles here https://flightsim.to/file/21256/oshkosh-striker-wip-wombiiactual-s-fire-truck-collection