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MSFS Addons Linker

The first thing you'll probably do when trying this tool for the first time is move your currently installed addons outside of your 'real community folder' to put them in your new 'custom addon folder'. To avoid problems, please try first with a...


The first thing you'll probably do when trying this tool for the first time is move your currently installed addons outside of your 'real community folder' to put them in your new 'custom addon folder'. To avoid problems, please try first with a single addon only to make sure everything works fine for you.It would be sad if you move 200GB and then you notice it does not work for you. Files placed directly in the new folder should always work but, for some users (not the majority) the files moved might get encrypted if you have the MS-Store version so it's worth checking before. Thank you.


note : for the detailed changelog, please check the 'changelog' tab at the top of the page, below are just general informations

Addons linker / Addon linker

** added 2021.06.06 **

new version, finally a little map for all those who requested it, hopefully some of you will find useful.

Please check the what's new (changelogs) for info on how to use the map (it's simple but still 2-3 things to know). I also added a little head up towards another addon manager that you might find interesting.


** added 2021.03.13 **

a new very well done video by badGamr has been posted on Youtube

It's based on the latest version (as of today) and covers most of the features, a must see if you need some help or are starting with the tool or have some questions about it

Many thanks badGamr !

** added 2020.10.24 **

another updated video by LostPilot, with some UI tips, many many thanks

** added 2020.10.20 **
updated video by lostboii/lostpilot, big thanks again

** added 2020.10.13 **
little video to get you started with the tool made by lostboii, many thanks to him


Another little addon manager. Made to match my own needs and just sharing with the community.

I tried to keep the UI very simple but it should hopefully do the job 'feature-wise'.

- lets you organize your addon freely in folder and subfolders in your folder of choice
- will create links in the community folder. There is no need to move files in and out of the folder.
- very easy to activate/deactivate groups of addons (single click)
- lets you save presets of addons
- lets you rename addons (link will be automatically updated)
- lets you add / update / remove addons

Installation :
- just extract all the files and drop them in a folder of your choice and run the EXE file

usage :
- create a folder where you will put your addons, add your addons in there instead of putting them in the community folder, you can create as many subfolder as you want to organize your files efficiently
- launch the application, in the options screen set your 'addon folder' and your 'community folder'
- just click on the checkbox to activate/deactivate addons
- rest should be fairly easy to understand (little quickstart guide should be coming soon if needed)

notes :
- if it doesn't work please try to set the application to run as admin, if it works but you still get the message at the start, just disable the message in the options screen
 -i was made aware that other tools seem to do pretty much the same things but probably with some differences (have not tested them though because i learned about them after mine was released last week), anyway each has probably its own advantage and it's just free and just for fun, so you can freely decide to use mine if you find it useful.

big thanks to the guys in the AVSIM forum that helped me testing the very first versions with feedback and ideas. I will now post it here exclusively making it easier to maintain for eventual updates.

Thank you

Sim Update 10
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October 11, 2020
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  • Opdateret til version 0.17.8301.27

  • Opdateret til version 0.16.8183.20

  • Opdateret til version 0.15.8156.23

  • Opdateret til version 0.14.8141.41

  • Opdateret til version 0.14.8141.35

  • Opdateret til version 0.13.8037.42

  • Initial File Release


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2 hour(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

Many thanks for your update! And, as always, thank you for your excellent support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2 hour(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

Thank you so much for not only a great tool but also this latest update (Version 0.17.8301.27).

What I would love to see added in another update is the ability to be able to choose a particular



5 hour(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

After the UI update, I cannot find where to modify the content.xml. Has this function been removed?



11 hour(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

Your app is a must have and your new UI is top notch. Thanks a lot for this update and the UI upgrade, it makes it much easier to use.



1 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

Your app is the best, but since I installed the new release, I am not able to add my addons library, which is stored on a NAS drive, and is no longer detected when I attempt to add it under "Custom Addons Folder". My Network shows up in File Explorer as normal, but does not show up in your app. Any help? Can you please provide a download link to the previous version, so I can try that? I no longer have it in my files. Pete

Since version 17 the app won't work. The loading screen works then the icon is on my taskbar however there is no visual UI on the screen. The previous version worked just fine.



1 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

Great software - Thanks



2 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

I Love Using Your Addon Linker Several Times EVERY Day. 8 D



2 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

Le must have des addons de MSFS !

L'outil indispensable pour gérer correctement et trier facilement des centaines d'ajouts au simulateur.

Bravo et merci

I cannot see anymore the map . Why ?



2 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

This is the most essential app for MSFS.

Since the beginning.

Still 5 stars as always



2 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

Completely genius and must have addon for MSFS.

Thak you so much.



2 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

I tried it works great..thanks mate..



2 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

Thank you so much for your continuous updates and improvements.




2 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

Thanks for your work on this great mod.



2 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

Danke für die größeren Icons!



2 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

The best just got better. Thanks for the QOL updates. The increased icon size does indeed help when viewing on a large 4k tv (from the sofa).



2 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

I am using this,from the beginning.It never stops to amaze me,on how this is the most ESSENTIAL-CRUCIAL addon,ever made for the sim.

God bless you man



3 day(s) ago / Takket af bad2000

The best mod for MSFS of all time.

A question though, I must have done it before as I have had this mod for so long, but how is best to update to this latest version? The mod works so sweet for me, I am afraid I will lose all of the settings and things I may have changed.

Hello- I really do like this mod, I have only one problem. The L4 Grasshopper by Flight replicas was installed as per the directions that came with that aircraft. (it was an .exe, and I configured it to install in my community folder as always). Now, when I try to send the L4 to my "back up" (alternate) folder, it will not move, but stays in the community folder. Every other mod I have works fine.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

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  • Version 0.17.8301.27 September 23, 2022

    Hello, a little update for SU10 and some little requests filled, the other main goal of this version is to try to make it a bit easier on the eyes for those having big monitors (quite common with flightsimmers it seems).

    [NEW] Resizable UI toolbar/buttons/checkboxes. In the options screen you can now set the size for the toolbar items (will also increase buttons images and checkboxes) to make it easier to read on big resolution monitor. Use this new options in conjunction with the font size options and you should be able to get something that works better for you. Icon size is probably better at '24' for 2560x1440 resolution, '32' for 4K monitors. All this is available in the last tab of the options screen. Note that the menu icons are not changed yet. More info here ->

    [NEW] Map polygonal selection. This allows for example the selection of all addons following a specific flight plan in a few click. Right click and enable the polygonal selection, then click the succesive points to draw the shape of the selection, double click to close the shape and all addons inside the shape will be selected. Then use the enable option to enable them

    [NEW] You can now use the F5 key to refresh the main views without having to click on the buttons when you see the red indication 'refresh needed' at the top

    [NEW] You can now hide folders that do not contain any addons in the main view (options screen, 2nd tab). This is useful if you have other things than addons in your folder structure so that they wont appear in the view with all their subfolders)

    [NEW] The map can now show addons placed directly in the community folder if you enable the 'show official/onestore airports' in the options screen (3rd tab)

    [IMPROVED] Added a contextual menu on the ICAO checker list (save layout / delete addon / export to Excel)

    [FIXED] The documentation browser was not opening automatically the first document in the list when clicking on the open button

    [MINI] You can now open the manifest.json file directly from the 'edit custom data' screen

    [MINI] You can now specify the desired PDF reader to be used by the documentation browser if you have multiple readers (by default it will use the Windows default registered PDF application) (options screen 2nd tab)

    [MINI] ICAO checker now shows below the prograss bar which addon it is scanning

    [REMOVED] Content.xml editor is now removed, the stucture and usage of that file was completely changed with SU10 so the included editor is not useful anymore. I can probably add an editor for the new file but it's probably not needed anymore due to its new role. Note that the 'hidden feature' of auto deletion of the content.xml file when the sim is launched is also removed because it doesn't make much sense anymore

    [UPDATED] Updated simconnect library to the latest SU10 version

    [MISC] Several other little fixes/changes here and there

    There are a few more requests in the pipeline (like some sort of 'reverse dependencies' allowing to declare that an addon will conflict with another addon, or improving the ICAO capabilities adding that info in all grids and on the map) . If you asked for something that is important for you and i told you that was probably possible to add in the tool and you think i forgot about it feel free to msg me again (yeah this project is not really done in a professional way) ;)

    If addons makers are ready to supply a little file with their addon it would also probably possible to have the dependencies automatically set without manual intervention but that's probably a bit too much to ask.

    To Update : simply replace all files in your existing folder (settings will be kept).

    As always let me know if i broke something and i'll try to fix asap.

  • Version 0.16.8183.20 May 28, 2022

    Very small update to fix a few things and add a few more requests.

    [NEW] New 'Check for duplicates (ICAO)' option in the 'Tools' menu that will check for duplicate airports in your addons folders. Note that, as always, encrypted marketplace addons can not be checked, this is not something that can be bypassed. Not sure if there's interest, but if needed maybe i can add little option where you could enter manually the ICAO of those marketplace airports that you own so that they will be checked with the rest and appear in the result list if you have a custom addon for that same airport.

    [IMPROVED] The 'program launch feature' now includes a new option that allows you to launch an external program only when an addon is selected (for example launch AIG Traffic Controller' only when the 'aig-aitraffic-oci-beta' addon folder is enabled in the tool).

    [IMPROVED] you can now print the map if you want to (right click menu on the map the use the 'print' option, the visible part showing on your screen will be printed)

    [FIXED] fixed some colors issue when using custom colors or themes

    [FIXED] some more little fixes here and there

    As always, when updating, make sure you replace all files included in the zip and not only the EXE (some other files are changed from time to time and it's the case with this release)

    Thank you

  • Version 0.15.8156.23 May 01, 2022

    A mini maintenance release just to fix a few minor issues add add a few specific requests, and hopefully a useful improvement in the 'launch external programs' feature, see example pic -->

    [IMPROVED] Overhaul of the 'launch external programs' options. If needed, go through your existing programs and adapt the settings as needed (right click 'edit' to change the parameters for each program). Custom arguments, custom delays, waiting for simconnect, process priority and affinity can now all be set for each program individually

    [IMPROVED] You can now add custom folders to be scanned for the documentation browser, there is a little button at the top-right of the screen. (For example if you want to add your MD80 docs just add the 'C:\Users\<your_username>\Documents\Maddog X Files' folder as custom folder).

    [IMPROVED] You can now add/remove multiple tags at once via the new 'Manage tags for the selected addons...' right click menu option. Note that this needs to be improved to be able to remove 'tags', for now it just add tags, should be available in the future version.

    [IMPROVED] It's now possible to enter multi-line descriptions for addons.

    [IMPROVED] If you have multiple 'addons folders', you can now choose in the options screen if you want them to be sorted by 'name' or in the order you have introduced them in the options screen (note that this option has no effect if you have saved a custom layout that includes a sorted column)

    [IMROVED] If you have specified batch files in the auto-launch programs, the 'black command window' will not be shown anymore when executing the batch

    [IMPROVED] Custom description can now be used as map dots tooltip, the description column has also been added to the map screen grid.

    [IMPROVED] Some little improvements for the recently introduced new 'black' dark mode

    [FIXED] MaterialLib/ModelLib scanner could hang when reading a layout.json files containing errors.

    [FIXED] Documentation browser was sometimes not refreshing the documents list properly after applying a filter or doing a search

    [FIXED] The first item of the main view wasn't always properly selected and focused when launching the tool

    [FIXED] The renaming of the 'description' column had no effect if a custom layout was saved (via the option 'save columns/order size). The renamed column was also not renamed in the other screens (gridview / dependencies and preset editors)

    [FIXED] The 'Load preset' argument was not working properly if used at the same time as the 'startsim' parameter

    [FIXED] The usual little fixes here and there

  • Version 0.14.8141.41 April 16, 2022

    oh well yeah, i will never get it right the first time, so here is the little hotfix as usual ... sorry for that ;)

    [HOTFIX] new 'documentation browser screen' was not opening properly due to a little last minute change that was not tested on a PC without development tools

  • Version 0.14.8141.35 April 16, 2022


    Nothing major but just a little update mainly to fix a few little bugs and add a few requests. Thanks as always for the feedback and ideas.

    [IMPORTANT FIX] Fixed a possible issue causing the main screen to not appear correctly if the decimal separator was not set as the dot (.) in the Windows regional settings

    [NEW] : Added an 'Addons documentation browser' allowing access the PDF documents of all your addons in a single screen without the need to go hunt for them in subfolders (all addons managed by the tool + all the addons in the official/onestore folder are processed). The documents will also be avaible in the main view in the right click menu 'Documentations'. You need to launch the new screen at least once to scan the data the first time (button at the bottom). Example screen here ->

    [NEW] : Option to launch the tool only with the map (options screen -> 'map options' tab). You can restore the normal UI with a little 'show main window' button available in the right side panel of the screen when needed.

    [NEW] : new experimental darker dark mode (it's called 'black'). You might need to change some of the 'coloring' option in the options screen to match with the darker interface.

    [IMPROVED] : you can add now multiple dependencies to several addons at once. Select multiple addons in the main view and then use the new option in the right click menu called 'Add cumulative dependencies to the selected addons'. You can then choose the dependencies that will be added to the ones the addons might already have.

    [IMPROVED] : if you want to set an addon as dependency of several other addons you can now use the new 'Set this addons as dependeny for other adons' option in the right click menu

    [IMPROVED] : map dots can now be colored based on the TAGS you have defined (available in the options screen 'map options')

    [IMPROVED] : Content.xml editor, you can now quickly move entries up/down by using the keyboard (SHIFT+KEYUP and SHIFT+KEYDOWN). A warning is shown if you made changes and are closing the screen before saving. You can now disable the automatic 'backup file' creation.

    [IMPROVED] : For the ModelLib and MaterialLib changer screens, you can now disable the automatic backup file creation. You can now also specify if you want the log to be automatically saved in a file (files will be here -> C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker\Logs). Use the 'options' tab to enable or disable those options.

    [IMPROVED] : you can now save the layout (columns position / size / sort order) in both the dependencies and preset editor screens

    [IMPROVED] : new option in the 'options screen' to choose if you want both the dependencies and presets editor screens to open with all nodes collapsed (by default they are expanded). If collapsed, the first level will still be expanded unless you have several custom addons folders specified.

    [IMPROVED] : Map 'user points' can now be deleted and modified. There is also a new option to import points but it's very basic for now, just create a CSV file with 3 columns 'name;latitude;longitude' and you will be able to import the data to the map. If you need more with this feel free to contact me directly.

    [MINI] : Added a little button in the toolbar at the top to autofilter the potential duplicate addon names (button with the 'warning' image)

    [MINI] : if you have added several 'addons folder' in the options screen, you can now sort them automatically with a little button 'Sort folder' button

    [MINI] : added some possible arguments when launching the tool ('preset=nameofpreset' to launch the tool and automatically load a preset / 'startsim' will launch the sim and all specified programs when launching the tool / 'startsimandquit' will launch the sim with all specified programs without starting the tool)

    [FIXED / IMPROVED] Several other small fixes and changes here and there

    [NEXT] Next i will try to improve the 'automatic program launcher' that needs a little overhaul, it's not ready to be included in this release but it should be coming fairly soon (possibility to add arguments to the program, 'wait for simconnect' and 'delays' settable for each programs individually).

    Some of this might sound a bit too technical, but don't worry they are just options for those needing more advanced features, you can still use it the same way as before, nothing has changed for the main features.

    As always let me know if I broke something and i'll try to fix quickly. Thank you.

  • Version 0.13.8037.42 January 02, 2022

    hmm.. no comment, another litte fix. It came to my attention that some people changed their default preset folder to be the same as their addons folder. The backup process backups the preset folder (should be only a few tiny-K) but if you have set it to be the same as your addons folder it will backup all your addons .. this explained why very few people thought the application was hanging, it was probably copying lots of file.

    If you have changed your preset folder and saw long loading time the first time you launched the version of december 31st, please check your C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker\Backup folder. It will maybe contain a backup folder that takes lots of space and that you can safely delete to preserve disk space.

    [IMPROVED] Backup process now backups only the small files needed even if the folder contains tons of other files.

    Sorry again for the multiple releases ! This backup option added on dec 31st was probably my worst idea of 2021 ahah :)

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How to install / update ?

Simply unzip all included file in the zip in a folder of your choice. For updating, repeat the same process after deleting the files that came with the previous version.

Will my settings be kept after an update ?

Yes, the settings are saved in a different folder (C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker). The presets are also stored in that folder by default but they might be in another folder if you changed their locations in the options screen (so make sure you don't delete them if you changed the location manually).

Can i save the columns order / size ?

yes, there is an option for that in the right click menu (save columns order / size). If you do that, the column order will be restored on the next restart of the tool

After launching the tool i see the icon in my taskbar but the screen does not show up (main screen of map screen), WTH ?

oops, the tool saves it's locations when closed. If you change monitor settings between 2 sessions (for example going form dual screen setup to a single screen setup) it might happen that the screen is restored outside of the boundaries of your current screen, so it will be there but you wont' see it :)

You can fix that easily by going to the configuration folder (C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker)

  • make sure the tool is closed
  • open the ini file (MSFS_Addons_Linker.ini) with notepad
  • remove the three lines starting with the text below (they are at the bottom of the INI file) :
  • save the INI file and restart the tool and it should be fixed

If you have the same kind of problem with the map's screen you need to remove this line :


On the next restart the app should show up correctly on your screen.

I'm getting 'can not read manifest.json file', addons do not work when moved outside of the community folder

This is unfortunately an issue some users having the MS-Store version faced. When addons are placed in the community folder they are somewhat encrypted (not exactly sure what Windows does). When you move them elsewhere, they don't work anymore. It seems to be a Windows limitation and there's not much we can do. For some users copying the addons instead of moving them fixed the issue but that doesn't seem to work for everyone. In the worst case you would need to redownload the addons having the problem and place them directly in your custom addon folder.

If you have the MS-Store version an plan to move all your files outside of the community folder, i strongly advise you to try first with a single addon to make sure it works. There are also some workaround you might try if moving doesn't work for you (feel free to contact me if needed).

I have a crash when .......

please send me a private message on this site (there is a little option 'private message to bad2000' in the action menu on the main addon page) with the detailed error message that you get. I'll do my best to try to fix

Can I apply multiple presets at once ?

yes, you can do that either by using the 'presets screen' available in the toolbar menu, in that screen you can select several presets and apply them at once. You can also use the button 'apply cumulative' at the bottom of the addons list. That button will apply the selection of the presets without removing the currently selected addons.

I get invalid links if i rename / remove addons via the Windows Explorer

this is normal because if you do operations via the Windows explorer the links can not be maintained (for renaming for example there is an option directly in the tool's right click menu, if you do that inside the tool the link will be maintained by the tool). Anyway if you get invalid links you can delete them easily with the right click menu 'delete invalid links' on the right panel (they can be spotted easily because they will be with a red background), then just recreate the link for the desired addon.

Where is the manual ?

there is none .. shame on me for sure ;) It should be fairly easy to use though and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

There are also some videos about the tool that have been popping up on Youtube, they can certainly help understanding the basics (many thanks to their authors).

Donations ?

Thank you very much about thinking about making a donation. I really appreciate that but it's ok, there's already so much stuff to pay for nowadays, just enjoy the little tool if you think it can be useful for you and don't worry about money.

How to uninstall everything / start new ?

To remove completely the application you need to remove two folders.

- the folder in which you unzipped all files

- the configuration folder that is created automatically when the tool is run for the first time and where your settings are saved (C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker)

if you do that it will be like if you had never installed the tool.

Do I really have to launch the tool 'as admin' ?

The real reply would be NO. But well, it's a bit difficult, the more precise reply is 'not anymore since v0.8' but YES if you have already used older version of the tool.

Unfortunately it was required for earlier version (because the tool was creating links that needed admin rights, now not anymore). The fact that it was required in earlier versions means that now your configuration files are saved 'as admin' and if you run the tool 'not as admin' you wouldn't be able to update them so you are pretty much forced to continue running the tool as admin. It's a bit annoying.

Feel free to contact me if you need more info and don't want to run it 'as admin' anymore because it would be as simple as recreating your configuration files without admin rights.

Why do some addons show up in red ?

The red color is just a warning (everything will work fine). It indicates that you have two (or more) addons with the same name in different folders. Those are probably duplicates that need to be checked.


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These add-ons may be required or recommended to use.

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