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Et kort overblik over, hvad der foregår i vores samfund.

Hey guys, please speak English 😉

"Very nice job. A Big Thank You and Congratulations ......... "

You welcome!

For your information only: tests on the new POI version are underway, as long as the new MSFS release adds all the functionalities that developers are waiting for ...


Salut les gars, parlez anglais s'il vous plait 😉

"Très beau travail. Un grand merci et félicitations ........."

Vous êtes le bienvenu!

A titre indicatif : les tests sur la nouvelle version POI sont en cours, tant que la nouvelle version MSFS ajoute toutes les fonctionnalités que les développeurs attendent...

Thank you very much. It should work again, I fixed it. There was some kind of shuffling going on the last few month, regarding links in text.

Okay super !! Vous faites de l'exelent travaille les gars !

Unbelievable and beautiful landscape, challenging runway, that's only pleasure! Thanks a lot.


no it is not, because it was solved by MS (last information about this I got).

Right now ( AFAIK ) to suppress all the wrong ICAO codes, you need to create a fake airport with the incorrect code - clear all the airport data out of it and save it. Then create your airport with the correct ICAO code. I'm working on custom versions of all the SPb area GA airports and have had to do this a bunch of times 😉

I haven't tried combining them into one package yet, so I have 2 folders for each airport - UGOO ( suppressed ), then ULSG ( "real" airport ). It does work, you don't see the old one and they don't conflict.


( I'm totally crushed that Manushkino is permanently closed - I was really looking forward to modeling that and the quarry 😋 )

What was missing was the land imagery, around the airport, across the bay, and near the town (sorry I wasn't specific earlier). All of the airport components were looking great. I just flew to the new version, and everything is looking fine. Kudos!

Love this mod and got it to work, all apart from my upper eicas which stays black. Anyone know how to fix? Cheers

Wow, great video with incredible views! This same kind of vid for the leg between Corte and Ghisonaccia would be truly Amazing...

Thank you !

if you open it on RAR click on it again and put it again into the folder.

Can you reply to my earlier question, How can I edit your design?

Amazing work!

Could you also convert AC500 Cargo w/Original Cockpit? (2-blade prop type)


I have some liveries for "AC500ca1" that I want to fly again.

A beautiful airfield ! Coming from Achnasheen and going to Fearn, it was a real pleasure to land here. Thanks for your work 😀

For sure if you could do no mirroring for the one with the tail and above the cheatline DELTA titling

Wann denkst du denn kommt der nächste Teil 😊

Wonderful visuals mate, but a few avionics problems, FMC remains black impossible to use hence impossible to enter ILS frequencies, HDG selector doesn't work as well, any advices on how to fix this please ?

I'm a native of detriot and this is a must have

Yeah, the pictures are pretty crazy. The guy I did this for flies it real world, and we had a lengthy conversation about that day.

Sehr schön bravo, noch ein bisschen Arbeit und dann perfekt!!

Wie kann ich das FBW Cockpit einfügen?

Hi, I have just found that this A/P is now causing CTD when ever you spawn there or fly within a radius of between 15 and 30nm from any direction.

I,m guessing it is a problem that has cropped up since the last update as this used to work fine. Just thought I would let you know in case you would like to check it out.

Love to have it back.

This aircraft has quite a story behind it. There was a 17-year old girl on her first solo in this machine, and on take off she lost one of the main wheels. Tower was informed by the pilot of a Waco waiting to take off after the Warrior. Tower then informed the girl. The emotion in her voice will get any pilot (who is also a Dad) pretty teary-eyed. Good thing is... she landed safely. Listen to the flight at the following YouTube link. https://youtu.be/B229-KLudTo We can all be proud of this wee lassie!

Not working for me, on the packages list in dev mode it has

Regitered Has Error

and is greyed out rather than green

😞 the screenshots look great

Excellent, dire que les Moeres sont censés être sous le niveau de la mer !!! 😂

Amazing conversion, a bit of work on the flight model and fuel, but a working model WITH wingflex is amazing.