Thank you very much! I am pretty sure I have seen an image with rocks at the runway edge, otherwise I would not have had the idea to put them there 😀 Anyways, I will try and improve the airfield!

Thanks a lot and have fun flying!

landing lights stay on on display , when it is off ... when it is on , the say Off

Picking a runway start will have the engine running, switch engines to FLIGHT

Get CTD whenever I fly into FAEL - landing RWY29.

Great work! Awesome to see Ansett NZ connection still remembered. Many thanks.

(Coincidentally, I just similarly last week put together and uploaded the original Ansett NZ livery for the JF BAe-146 for X-Plane punters - good times!)

Not sure what you mean by reinstate pilot. I have not movbed the pilot just lowerd him slight. And I have just loaded it and the pilot is fine. So not sure what you are seeing

Pilot position has not changed. Use yuou L/R arrow key to move in. I get that alot with other aircraft downloads

Hi Shay

Sorry its me again. Same issue that I was working on unfortunately.

When I added an 'essentials' tag (as previously discussed) it worked exactly as I had hoped - until there was a refresh of the tags when the vast majority disappeared again. I restored the previous structure and it worked again, but is there a way of making the changes permanent so that they survive updates? Also I was wondering, can I change the Architype, and would these changes be permanent?

Also, is there a way of having a 'recently added' mods section, as some of the developers use ridiculous names on their mods that bare no relationship to what it says on the site, and finding them can be a real chore.



301 kilos for passengers and an OEM equivalent to Saturn V. Yeah...no thanks.

Oooo yes!!!!This is just beautiful!!!!Thank you!!!!!!

the co-pilot could have been causing issues and/or interfering with MORE more important items and/or systems. It isn't as simple as to keep or not to keep!

Thanks Felixfer, you work is amazing also 😉


Erstmal herzlichen Dank für Deine Arbeit. Nun habe ich das Problem, dass die Kirche in der Luft hängt. Auch beim Schloss Vaduz stimmt es mit der Höhe nicht.

Hast Du mir einen Tipp.

Grüsse Peter

Fantastic! The only odd thing is in VR the Ceiling Knobs & Text is very BIG. Is this normal or unnoticed?

The TEXT on the MCDU is also BOLD which mushes up the letters to be readable. I use a G2 on 100% Full Scaling. I hadn't tried the Default to compare with.

Hey I am glad you are enjoying the 44 - we are about 15% built currently so we are still 85% left to do - all of the work & flight dynamics has been done by people with real world R44 hours - so yes, it is becoming as close as we can get it. The Blue & Black configs are for people with different home setups, most will use Blue but those that have invested large amounts into pro home setups (not me btw) will prefer black. There is also a realism tab on the Blue and Black. So if struggling move down to 0% and work your way back up. 👍


1. SALTY 747 (MAIN Download in Mod 2.)

2. SALTY 747 COMPATIBILITY MOD (the 2nd Download)


3. FLIGHT IMPROVEMENT MOD (1 each for 200 & 300 and Fixed the Fuel File so not need extra file change as in vid)


4. SOUND IMPROVEMENT (the only Mod you need to Rename then Copy Files, be sure you Extract the JSON Convertor and then drag the JSON File onto the EXE, you get more detail by being a Patreon)


hey glad you like the 44 - the anti-torque pedals I am pleased to report have worked since Alpha 1 - you will need them as well to fly

Hi, thanks for the update, the take off has become pretty smooth now ..... only one concern.... everytime I try to use the Pushback toolbar ... with this aircraft, the pushback gets cancelled. any fixes for that ?

Thanks! You are doing very important and necessary work! For those who do not have enough time and sufficient knowledge. I look forward to further developments.

Same by me, I'm sitting outside the cockpit

In the latest version, the pilot seems to be sitting out the cockpit, on the left wing.

Hi there,

Once again a good effort but it will not fly. the only way is to take off at such an angle that it stalls and crashes. I am not sure how to correct it...the pilot was a definate advantage also...please reinstate him...smiles

the guy who did the fokker triplane may be able to help you?

Hello, thank you very much for this Add-On. Merci viumau vomene Bärner....!!!!

What is this type of rating ? If you can't even download it then why give the add on 0,5 star ?

First of all 179togs: Please stop talking for the whole community. You can only talk for yourself.

I did a recent test-flight, and it was not hard at all to fly the H60. Maybe you should practice a little bit more, before whimpering and writing this kind of "!reviews". This is not a GTA Version of a helicopter... It is supposed to be a realistic model with realistic flight model. If you want something casual, well it might be not the helicopter (or game) for yourself.

Also keep in mind, that this an WIP in an early stage. By the way: Destroyer is one of the developers of H135, so eventually he might know better than you, what to do...

Just my 2 cents...

Now i understand why you made the LCD screens textures somewhat slightly tinted. I can turn the brightness to 100 % and not be bothered a bit. Thank you for the continuous updates.

Thank you for your appreciation. No problem for the horses they are in the stables. 😃

Hello, encore merci pour ton superbe boulot, est-ce que tu penses faire une mise à jour avec l'aéroport de geneve de redwings simulation car il me semble qu'il y a un problème d'élévation aux alentours ?

Unfortunately its not possible to change the ICAO once used in the sim. msfs nicked all the vacant codes as well as using incorrect ones. I can change the current code however, but thought AGCW was as good as anything. Frustrating I know... Thanks anyway hope its useable at least, have fun. Hoping to add a few gliding models etc in future.

Glad to see you're still working on it. It looks great!

hello impossible to re-enter the take-off performance that does ?

I really like what you've done with this version. I was struggling with the Bell 47 and was severely disappointed with that as there were almost no options for helicopters for MSFS 2020 for awhile. Then I downloaded the H-135, and as much fun as that is I know it's way too easy to land even in "Advanced". So I like your Robinson R-44, I'm wondering is the real helicopter this finicky? In AirLandFS I like the blue settings, black is a bit too advanced for me, but overall I'm enjoying learning how to fly this. Keep up the good work.

I think the radio tower is in a proper place. Lighthouse should be 250m to the West from it. Lighthouses might be the next object type after cooling towers, but I still have some experiments to do to make sure they work nicely. If I add them I'll make sure to make this one as close to real life as I can (you can count on correct colors and shape, just not the Lithuanian flag 😉 ).

YES! MSFS does not know that these tiles are from Google, not from Bing 😊