as always, great work mate i'm ready to donate once this project is close enough to High fidelity, and if u ever post a decent payware i will be the first to buy it, your work deserves support, my advice to you is familiarize yourself with the SDK and how to use blender, also try using HD real phtographs to work on your textures as i've noticed that's what most devs do.. your work will be much much higher quality.. good luck sahbi 😀

Maybe a cache problem on the CDN ?

Version in manifest.json should be 1.1.0 for both mods (the 1.1.1 in fs.to was a mistake I can't change)

What program do you use to make the video. it was very good.

I'll take a look this weekend, thank you for letting me know. Kev

in the Download for the Classic is still 1.0.0 ? But 29.09.2022 ?

The G1000 has a higher Version number.. I downloaded the Classic Version but they still have the Battery issue

I test it again in few hours..

No I did not try it without the WT mod, however I just did short flight from KSMF/KOAK, ILS 12 and intercepted the signal with no issue.

fantastic addition, amazing for freeware guys - Sadly I go from an average 50 fps to 20 fps around the airport I hope this can be fixed as it makes it nearly unusable

Sorry for posting so many comments, the reason this one is seperated is that it's a question. I'm just wondering how do you create runway textures, it's not just a png is it? Just wondering because there isn't any tutorial on it

Also another thing, after posting the comment a couple of minutes ago, I checked your lines, and there is a light black outline (very faint). I think the reason why it's not reading your black/yellow line is because of some reading things. It might be really hard to use the default yellow line as the base for your line because of the way it renders. I usually use the service line dashed as the base and also normally if it doesn't read your black, it should be because your yellow is too thick --> decrease yellow, increase black

Any chance to convert this to the 700 as well?

excellent work brother. hopefully one day you can cover the whole world, every continent, every country and all its territories please do it

Sorry for the late reply, but sounds good!👍

Thanks, and I was just adding some fluff to get to the 240 character maximum so I could finish the upload, so no big deal. But I appreciate the heads-up.

What a beautiful livery. One of your best i think.

Yes thank you If you have time or if there's photogrammetry for it can you do the near by city of Wilmington also? 🙏🤞

Opa, parabéns! Uma pergunta, a iluminação nos terminais/gates/estacionamentos é a default? Pq o meu default é uma escuridão. Tenho outro cenário com as antigas pistas, mas se esse tiver iluminação nos terminais/gates/estacionamentos vou baixar.

I love this livery, thanks for making it! Wish it can be also made on the A320 even though it's only on the 737s and CRJs in real life (as well as the ARJ21 and Saab but those aren't in MSFS)

Can you show me an example of a livery you made with vectorized shapes? Nobody does this because it is necessary to recreate a new complete model of the aircraft to integrate the shape (gltf file). Stop writing nonsense. What is your problem ? Your profile (O upload, 0 download) : https://www.neuroflight.com/images/overviews/profil.jpg

Someone else (holdsh1ft's comment) commented that they flew with HD just fine and they only had to make small changes to avoid a conflict with engines.cfg file

Thank you! The Day is secured! *i spend a Coffee 😊

Thanks for answer. I will try them in (K and if I will see that they are too big I will resize them. Thanks. I usually use vector programs for my liveries in fact.

Not a plagiat/plagerism, the default code was like that as there wasn't an option to update the selcal code before that latest Fenix A320 update.

Now with the new Fenix update, there is the option to have custom settings for individual liverie. This means one can update the cockpit textures to include things like a custom registration code and a custom registration.

I have not had the opportunity to update the livery just yet, so please be patient. And don't throw acusations like this around.

Edit: I just loaded the plane and I cannot see what SELCAL code you are referencing, only the default Fenix one (AB-CD). I genuinely have no idea what you are talking about here.

I do not think it is released yet. the title says it is just a place holder

Yes, I am having that issue now, just did EDDM/EDDF and missed the ILS signal. I watched a stream from 25 Sep and the aircraft caught the signal with no issue. The last two days it has flown right by it, I will also fly another known good route and see how it goes.

After the update, i cant seem to find the parking sports, or anything else for that matter.

I fixed systems in the last version.

I can see the battery charging now

Thanks again for the report and the reminder !

Есть проблемы с Алыми Парусами. Нет текстур, только модель

Is there a way to select and approach? like runway/star/transitions etc

Happy you like it !

If you need help with liveries causing problem, message me

is it possible to add carrier ops for f35 (and variants) and for F14 Tomcat ?

Love it but, one problem. After about 20 or so minutes of flying the power will cut out with no way of getting it back. All other aircraft work fine besides this one. Just very annoying.

It works with only default liveries, but when I use other liveries such as Lufthansa on the B747-8i, the IRS looses functionality as well as a few other features like fuel import

That's so cool, thanks for this flight plan! That's the kind of scenic routes that I like 😊

yup its working but the FLC AP mode isnt working, any ideas ?

I love it can't wait to use this livery for my flights to KSFO, I haven’t flown it yet but you messed up on the engines. I don’t know if it’s just a picture or on the model itself.