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Et kort overblik over, hvad der foregår i vores samfund.

On wheels from Uncle Vasya, even in Ukraine, no one flies, do not exaggerate. Russia is not a poor country.

Thank you very much for making the changes to Pawai Island and Subong Island! Looking very sharp!! Happy to buy you a beer for the amazing work. Do you have any other projects planned?

I'll have a look at my library of photos from my Mt Cook Airline days and PM you with hopefully more accurate colours for MCC! Think I have one down at ZQN that I took!

today captain sim released this plane for 30 dollars and its

little scam but i found it for free

hi there. Can you please fix the navdata on this scenery? The runways are 15/33 not 14/32. It is causing issues with internal navdata on all planes. Thanks

Tried using it, but too difficult to use, not user friendly 😞

Great aircraft! I have been upgrading as the new releases come out. Aircraft improves and only gets better. Payware quality. Enjoy!

Thank you so much! I bet you could use some coffee so I just got you one😉

Do you have any plan on updating some previous scenery? Some of your cities have large amount of files, I suppose this could be optimized using Thalixte's tool

I'm confused. I don't use littlenavmap, and I don't have this issue with any other airport, of which I have installed 439 of them. The issue is that the terminal building is missing. Your instructions to other people in the comments here instruct them to download both files. I hadn't done that originally, so assumed that was the problem. As stated above, attempting to download the 2nd file does not work as the website downloads a file from EDDM (from a different user) instead of your file. Are you saying now that the terminal building is in the Main File, or is it still in this 2nd file?

You're welcome. That sounds very cool.

Hi yes it'd been my plan to do that livery so MCC is it. There's not a great deal of photos of these, so colour matching is a bit hmmm

Glad you will enjoy the livery. Colors can be tough at times. I take am image or two that I can find then sample the color but it just doesn't always translate well. This is a tough color , like a green with a tint of blue. I cant get that color unfortunately. This was as close as I could get it. My worst was my Bruins plane. I sampled and sampled but hitting that yellow/orange was impossible and in the game depending on the time of day it changed anyway so I settled for as close as possible knowing there is no way in Blender I can pull out that exact color. Glad you like it, have fun ( I tried to reply to the previous comment but no matter what I do it shows up under hawker800 xps, sorry)


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Ich bin begeistert! Sieht super aus. Danke Chris 😊

Wait for the freeware 777 that's gonna come out in a few months with a custom cockpit

your name stands for detailed and impressive quality by now...I try not to miss any of your creations...tessekur edirim Selcuk Bey...kind regards Thomas

the Bing data was off, I guess after the last update. I turned it back on. Now all is beautiful. What a wonderful strip! All the surroundings, including the touches on the river. Really wonderful work!

Make sure Orbx doesn't get your address or personal details. They must be fuming right now. I think they have plans for making lots of $$$ from terrain mesh packs and you're just releasing these left and right 😀 Great work

Hi Crankpin, excellent work thanks so much!! Any chance of Mount Cook Airline BN-2A ZK-MCC Mid 1970's livery 2nd scheme ? Its in the livery requests! I'm former Mt Cook Airline crew 1975-89. Cheers!

Einen Landeplatz für die Rotkreuzklinik Wertheim *yippie* Danke!

En serio?... wow que buena!... y donde se descarga el mod para agregarlo al juego?


  • using 0.93
  • camera shake OFF in msfs settings
  • flight model is MODERN in msfs settings

tyyayayayayayayayayayyayayayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayay thx

Great mod, but from my first flight I noticed a couple of minor issues. North and Northeast of LSZH, I noticed 4 low, short ridges that disappear when you fly near them.

Si existe, de hecho, hoy salió a la luz.

Lo desarrolló Captain Sim o algo así

Have you:

  • Copied the zip file contents to your community folder?
  • Have you pre installed the AI Ships mod?

Love your mod but I have found a few problem areas:

South of LOWG, a trench 2-3 miles long, running roughly N to S.

Multiple long, high ridgelines new LOWK:

South, running E to W.

SE, with spikes, running NE to SW

SW, distant very long, high ridge running N to S, with a few nearby mesas.

But what is weird here is my previous East to West flight through the area all was fine, but when I few from North to South into the area all the "flaws" popped up.

Spike South of LOKG, on the border with Italy. Definitely not a rocky feature as it disappeared when I got close to it.

Keep up the great work! Bet I push this to 5 stars in a couple of revisions. Thanks!

OMG!!!! It looks absolutely STUNNING!!!!! Thank you. What would you like for your efforts? You did an outstanding job!

I see you aren't charging $20 for your work, what is your angle?


thank you, your contributions to the sim are great!

liveries sind dufte aber ich sehe die Piloten Skins nicht in den Einstellungen beim fs2020, habe alles soweit korrekt installiert.

I opened the model myself in blender to see if I could do a variation for Southwest - mjv575 did as best a job as he could here for the current day livery:

  • The engine UV mapping is bonkers - they laid it out in a terrible way and it's impossible to add the logos to them correctly. Even stenciling on one side of one engine will place it on the bottom of the other side of it - they really messed their layout up.
  • The winglets are idiotic as well - they actually have them mapped overtop one another in their UV map. If you draw on one, it does it in a weird spot on the other at an angle. If you then redo the other winglet, it overwrites the original one you did. ALSO - any marking on the winglets add random marks to other areas on the main wing.

All said and done, they have to redo their mapping in a release to fix this, which I kind of doubt they'll do. Wait for PMDG.

v1.3 doesn't fix any of this.


Nice livery, just one correction, in brazil, we dont have numbers on our aircrafts registration, the registration should be PT-IIY not PT-11Y, but amazing job, love que livery