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Jeppeson2001 is proud to announce Victoria Falls Scenery package for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This scenery pack is a perfect area for Bush Flyers, and Helicopter Pilots alike. It includes dirt strips & heliports based on real life data, none of which are included in the default version of MSFS.


  • Victoria Falls - animated with sounds & mist effects 
  • 4 bush strips
  • 6 Heliports with multiple starting spots
  • 30 landable Helipads in total
  • Additional remote Helipads along the Zambezi River
  • Victoria Falls Bridge with animated bungee jumper
  • Animated Microlight, Speedboat, Raft, & Cable Car
  • Animated rapids along a 23 mile (37kms) stretch of the Batoka Gorge ( Zambezi River)
  • Animated hangar doors and Heli Mover at Elephant Hills Heliport
  • Modelled River boats & tourist hotels

Victoria Falls is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, it has a width of 1,708 meters and a height of 108m, resulting in the world's largest sheet of falling water. Victoria Falls are roughly twice the height of North America's Niagara Falls and well over twice its width.

Great care has been taken to terraform and sculpt the landscape in and around the Victoria Falls / Zambezi River gorge. You will be able to fly your helicopter low and take in the river rapids along the way, just like real-life tours. If you’re lucky, will you be able to see some wildlife on the way to the waterfalls and rapids! Watch for traffic as you fly over the Falls, microlight pleasure flights often pass by.

Keep an eye out for additional helipads along the river banks. They exist to drop off / pick up white water rafting tourists along stretches of the Zambezi River.

Each of the heliports have been recreated in great detail, two of which (Masuwe, & Chikopokopo) are probably the closest heliports to each other in the world! Just a single dirt track separates them. 

One of the dirt strips - Baobab Camp Airstrip, which is linked to the Baobab Heliport is a newly built strip to accomodate United Air Charter Cessna Caravan's. This strip has been brought to life with custom ground textures, and features an open-sided hangar.

Check the boards at some of the Airstrips & Heliports for route maps of tours you can recreate.

Airstrips & Heliports List:


  • ​Kazungula Airfield (ZW54) 3,343ft Dirt Runway, 2 Parking spots & 3 Helipads - Home to MJAir Helicopters
  • Elephant Hills Heliport (ZW55) 3 Helipads - Home to The Zambezi Helicopter Company
  • Chikopokopo Heliport (ZW56) 2 Helipads - Home to Chikopokopo Helicopters
  • Masuwe Heliport (ZW57) 6 Helipads - Home to Bonisair Helicopter Company
  • Big Four Heliport (ZW59) 1 Helipad - Home to Big Four African Hunting Safaris
  • River Rapids 19 (ZW61) 1 Helipad - White Water Rafting pick-up & Drop-off spot.


  • Rapids 10 - Gnashing Jaws Of Death Rapid (ZM10) 1 Helipad - White Water Rafting Picnic Spot & Pick-up & Drop-off zone.
  • Taita Falcon Lodge (ZM17) 1 Helipad 
  • Jet Extreme Boats Camp (ZM15) 1 Helipad - Home to Jet Extreme Boats, Cable car to beach and Jetboat 
  • Rapids 19 River Bushcamp (ZM19) 1 Helipad - White Water Rafting pick-up & Drop-off spot.
  • Baobab Camp Airfield (ZM34) 3,281ft Dirt Runway, 2 parking Spots - Home to United Air Charter 
  • Batoka Airfield & Heliport (ZM35) 1,482ft & 1,153ft Dirt Runways, 2 parking spots, 4 helipads - Home to Batoka Sky
  • Boabab Camp Heliport (ZM41) 2 Helipads - Home to United Air Charter Helicopters
  • Maramba River Airfield (ZM42) 984ft Dirt Runway, 1 parking spot.


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (Microsoft Store or Steam Version) installed on PC
  • At least 2 GB of available Disc Space

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