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VVTS - Tan Son Nhat Intl Airport Enhancement Package

ATTENTION!! This package does not contain 3d model of terminal. It's was developed to compatible with Dominic Design Team VVTS (Payware). Do not use this as a standalone addon!! How to install: simply put it in your community folder and make sure...


ATTENTION!! This package does not contain 3d model of terminal. It's was developed to compatible with Dominic Design Team VVTS (Payware). Do not use this as a standalone addon!!

How to install: simply put it in your community folder and make sure it take highest priority. If you dont know how to set priority, you can take a look at my VVVD airport!

    What this package contain:
- New apron, correct ground marking, correct all stands position (Dominic's scenery has many stand locate in wrong position, mostly from stand 74-104).
- Correct runway marking with aiming point locate 1400ft from RWY Threshold
- New taxiway - extension of taxiway S ( portion from TWY S6 to S10 not in use, except for the intersection with TWY S7, S8, S9, S10 )  taxiway V1 (not in use, i will open it according to NOTAM).  High speed vacate P3, P4
- Up to 80% of taxiway sign cover in the initial release.
- Airport Lighting system overhaul, Runway Lead Off Light, Stop Bar light at Runway Holdshort, Holdshort taxiway also has 3 red light indicate stop position (confirmed by pilot work at the airport, who also a tester during development phase).  Correct Approach Lighting System , Runway Center Light and Touchdown Zone light in RWY 25R.

    Small change:
- Correct Dominic's light pole position (due to this change, i have to add some light in to apron).
- Remove military aircraft shelter (locate between taxiway S and V, portion from taxiway S6 to S8) - it was removed in real life also :D.
- Add some aircraft in VAECO area ( if you dont have FSLTL model - which install from Flybywire installer you wont see it )
- Remove secondary jetway in domestic terminal because it will block heavy aircraft.

Notice to GSX user, this package will use different profile with Dominic's scenery
To install profile without problem. Dont copy my profile in to %appdata% before you load in any parking in the airport. Edit anything to create a profile in folder %appdata% then copy text of my profile into it. 

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Sim Update 11
Intl. Airports
Oprindelig udgivelse
November 24, 2022
Sidst opdateret
3 day(s) ago — 1.3




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  • Opdateret til version 1.3

  • Opdateret til version 1.2

  • Opdateret til version 1.1.5

  • Opdateret til version 1.1

  • Opdateret til version 1.0.1

  • Initial File Release

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Where can I find the latest GSX profile for version 1.3 ? Thanks



10 day(s) ago / Takket af Yoshino

5* k noi nhieu <3



11 day(s) ago / Takket af Yoshino

Oh wow thanks for this! Was thinking of doing it myself. Nicely done.



13 day(s) ago / Takket af Yoshino

I got the error "Parking mismatched" on the GSX pro after adding the gsx profile

  • Version 1.3 December 06, 2022

    Add Glide Slope Antenna (07R / 25L / 25R) with beacon light (3d model G/S use from my VVCT package, because i have some problem adding 3d model directly to this one)
    Add more Taxiway Sign (thank to pilot provide photo)
    Add RED CONE beside Taxiway Sign
    Draw Taxiway Path for GSX Follow me car and Default ATC at TWY S9 and P4 and small gap at S6, Z7 that i forgot
    Draw one more missing lead in at stand 103 from TWY Z7
    Remove tree(vegetation) at old tower
    Small notice GSX Profile now is upload as a separate file. It contain a change in pushback direction at stand 37

  • Version 1.2 November 30, 2022

    Adjustment of TWY Holdshort at S before S6
    Fix taxiway edge light at V ( portion from S3 to S1 )
    Continue working on TWY S9, S10 ( construction area 2 chart 10-8L )
    Remove some tall building in approach path of RWY07L and near TWY V ( portion from TWY S9 to S8 )
    Small adjustment on TWY centre light

  • Version 1.1.5 November 28, 2022

    Add some taxiway sign on TWY Z , S5 ( thank to VJC's flight attendant )
    Stand 1V and 2V swap position, 2 stands represent stand 01VJ and 02VJ

  • Version 1.1 November 25, 2022

    First attemp to correct S9 , S10 by looking at lastest youtube video
    Fix enhance center light at P5 i mistake broke in last update

  • Version 1.0.1 November 25, 2022

    Small change in color and wideness of taxiway edge line to better match real condition at the airport

  • Lanceret November 24, 2022

    Den første udgave af denne fil er netop lanceret. Velkommen om bord!

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