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Airport Finder

Have you ever spent too much time choosing Departure / Arrival airports for your flight? This application provides a solution for this problem by suggesting airports that you can fly from or fly to considering several factors. The application can scan your MSFS...


Have you ever spent too much time choosing Departure / Arrival airports for your flight? This application provides a solution for this problem by suggesting airports that you can fly from or fly to considering several factors. The application can scan your MSFS Community folder looking for airport addons. With this information, the app can help you utilize your addons, and plan flights with these airports, which can be very helpful for players with a lot of addons.


  • Scan your Microsoft Flight Simulator Community, and marketplace folder for Addons
  • The app can scan for linked folders created with Addon Linker, scan runs automatically at the first start
  • Visualize your addon airports on a map
  • Generate flights between your addon, or any other airports
  • Calculate distance between airports, and get an estimated flight time with custom average speed
  • Display all MSFS airports, filter it by properties
  • Generate Departure / Arrival airports based on
    • Airport type
    • Country
    • Flight Distance
    • Flight time (ETE)
    • If addon scenery is available for the airport
  • Display bing 3d photogrammetry (The accuracy of the boundaries will improve over time, it involves a lot of manual work)
  • Display VATSIM and Ivao traffic and atc coverage (CTR atc boundaries may not fully be accurate yet, check it from other sources before your flight)
  • Filter add-on and default airports by ATC availability
  • You can generate SimBrief flightplans right from the app, and display ofp or PDF, or download flightplans for your aircrafts
  • Option to filter your addons on the map, or disable a specific one
  • Option to display precipitation, cloud data on map (Data source: RainViewer api)
  • Search airport by icao / airport name
  • Add multiple airports to route
  • Export route to .PLN format to open in MSFS or further editing in other softwares
  • Airport METAR data is displayed in selected airport data section if available for the airport (Data source: MET Norway)
  • Save app state and load it automatically for each session
  • Choose from several map style
  • Copy coordinates with right click

Installation (This is a portable version)

  • Download, extract the .rar file (with WinRAR or similar) to any location you have write, read access
  • Start the application with AirportFinder.exe file


  • Start the application with AirportFinder.exe file
  • On the first start select your Flight Simulator Community folder (
  • If you use Addon Linker app you can select its settings folder, if it doesen't gets recognised automatically 
    • By default that folder is: "c:\programdata\msfs addons linker"
  • After first startup, you can check added addon folders in the Settings page. If one of your (E.g Official/OneStore or Official/Steam) folder wasn't added aoutomatically, you can add it manually with "Add Addon folder location button"
  • By default, the map view shows installed addon sceneries with green circles
  • Circle size represents the airport size, red circle indicates a closed airport
  • On the left Menu bar, you can scroll through all your MSFS addons
  • Click on an airport to select it, then you can set the selected airport as Departure / Arrival airport
  • You can also generate random airports for Departure / Arrival from
    • Airports you have addon installed
    • Airports with specific size
    • Airports displayed on the map
    • All airports
  • You can filter random airports by distance, ETE. Note, that you have to set at least one airport(Departure or Arrival) for the panel to appear.
  • If you have both a valid arrival and departure airport selected the application will calculate the flight distance.
  • You can display default airports too which you don’t have 3rd party scenery installed for. These airports are appearing as blue circles on the map.
  • On the left side of the map page, you can find an airport filtering panel. With this you can filter default airports by
    • Type
    • Country
    • Maximum, minimum radius from selected airport IMPORTANT: You must select an airport for this to work as described!
  • You can select, and display the layer type from the Weather Settings panel on the left side
  • Airport METAR data is displayed in selected airport data section if data is available
  • You can add other airports to route by selecting it and clicking add to route, or entering the airprot ICAO code to "Add other airports to route" field
  • You can export the route to .PLN format with "export route .PLN" button in the calculate airport distance section
  • You can search for airports with find airport field located on the left side below Weather Settings panel.
  • Bing 3d photogrammetry display can be enabled from the "Bing 3d photogrammetry" panel on the left side.
  • You can choose the best suited map style for your flight in the "Tile layer selector" panel (E.g the terrain map style if you want to plan a flight in the mountains)
  • You can enable VATSIM or Ivao Traffic, ATC coverage to display in the Vatsim/Ivao panel (below the "Find airport panel")
  • If you have enabled vatsim/ivao ATC display, you can filter the shown airports on the map to only show airports with ATC availability. Enable "Show airports only with ATC" button in the Non add-on or the add-on airport filtering panel.
  • If VATSIM/IVAO ATC display is enabled rings around airport circles are showing atc availability.(each atc type has its own color) You can hover on the dot for further ATC information.
  • SimBrief feature usage:
    • If you have a selected Arrival and Departure airport you can click "Generate flight plan with SimBrief" button in the Calculate Airport Distance section
    • On the SimBrief panel you can select / modify the data for the flightplan generation
    • If there is an option you want to use which is not present in the app you can open it on the SimBrief website with the "open plan in SimBrief" button (below the big "Generate flightplan" button) for further editing.
    • You can start the generation with the "Generate flightplan" button
    • After successfull generation the OFP will pop up in an another panel. You can open the generated plan on the SimBrief website with Open in SimBrief button.
    • You can open the OFP in a PDF format by clicking Open PDF button
    • If you want to download the flightplan for a specific airplane you can select it with select flightplan download selector
    • On the main map page in the calculate airport distance panel there is a button "Open last SimBrief OFP" for opening last generated flightplan OFP if you have generated one in the current session.
    • Your generated flight plan will be loaded on the map after generation, you can hide it with the "Hide simbrief route" button
  • You can now filter your addon airports with "Filter your add-on airports panel" under the non addon filter panel
    • You can filter by airport type
    • Scenery creators can be excluded too, you can exclude as many creators as you want from the map
  • You can disable a specific addon to hide it from the map. On the left menu panel in the addon list you have "Enabled"/"Disabled" button for each addon.
  • If scenery information couldn't be extracted from the scenery files and is not appearing on the map you can manually set Icao, and airport coordinates. With theese addons in the addon list panel there is a "Set Position" button for setting these information.

Planned features

  • Display real world traffic
  • Filter airports by weather conditions
  • Adding real world airline routes
  • Adding filtering by Continent, Region, City, elevation

Please Note: This is an unstable BETA version of the application.

If you like the app and you would like to support my work on Buy Me a Cofee, Click here

Buy me a coffee supporters are provided with a key for hiding the "Buy me a coffee" button, and future early access features

Thanks for reading :)

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June 30, 2022
Sidst opdateret
27 day(s) ago — 0.2.2




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  • Opdateret til version 0.2.2

  • Opdateret til version 0.2.1

  • Opdateret til version 0.2.0

  • Opdateret til version 0.1.3

  • Opdateret til version 0.1.1

  • Opdateret til version 0.0.19

  • Initial File Release


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160 Kommentarer


11 hour(s) ago / Takket af kisbAlt

Like the recent update. Great that you can now see invalid or ALL addons. Would be super useful to just see valid addons as that is the list you probably want most often. Now, there is no way to exclude the invalid addons. Thanks and keep up the great work.



24 day(s) ago / Takket af kisbAlt

Great work! I'm using it for all my flights.

A combination with the SimToolkit would be nice

Hello, thx again for this great tool. And many thx for the implementation of new features. But one thing I´m still missing. On the left hand side, where the Addon-list is, I´m missing a filter. Yesterday I´ve search a small Airport like EDHK and it was very time expensiv to locate the entry to disable it. The list is still sorted by User(Creator). It would be very nice if tis list could be sorted by ICAO-Code or there is a filter, to show only the Airports I want to see.

Maybe you can implement it as well as the other good new featurers.



Hi and thanks for this great addon! When I generete a Simbrief flight plan I only see a straight line from departure to arrival airports. How can I see the correct route generated?


It is a great tool. It would also be nice if you can see if you have a GSX profile downloaded for it.



1 month(s) ago / Takket af kisbAlt

This thing is getting more and more awesome! THANKS!

What about an IVAO implementation? 😊

Such a nice programm thanks ! Unfortunately in a quick scan of the program not all my addons in the community folder are represented...Contrail Barcelona, Azurpoly Toulon, ORBX Skiathos, FSX3D Calvi and JustFlight Malta are not on the map but present in my community folder. I stopped searching but am sure there will be in the moment not usable for me. (i only want to see my addon airport sceneries)

Just thought that I would mention a presumably unintended benefit of this great app. In rescanning my folders after adding new sceneries I kept getting error messages for items the app could not find but which I was sure were in there. Turns out that the Community folder had several old shortcuts in it which were being picked up. By turning everything off in Addon Linker they were then easily identified and deleted.

Many thanks for this. I'm not getting clouds on a strip from SE Asia to Australia. Anyone else with this problem?

Very nice mod. Would be awesome to also be able to choose different map styles, including ability to see terrain, as I love to fly over mountanious terrain

I don't understand the simbrief integration. Where do I put my simbrief pilot code? I don't see anything...

When I open in simbrief, all it does is open the simbrief web page with my current briefing, but nothing else happens in the tool.

What a great tool! Thank you so mutch for your work 😊! Will there be a function to manually add airports? I don't know why, but a few airports are listed on the left hand side but not displayed on the map.

Where is the "Add Addon folder location button" located?

I can't seem to get this to work. I have the community folder correct. It shows all my files on the left when I launch the program. However, it just keeps getting stuck on loading. Any help would be great.. TY

Hi, what an amazing tool and what a great work. Exactly a tool a lot of "pilots" were looking for!

One wish is in my mind. Can, and will you, realize, that the parameter for the Min,- and max distance will be stored and that , with the next start, the program remember theses entries? For someone like me will do nearly every day a flight from about 1 to 1,25 hours. So I planned a disance from 300 max and 250 min. But every time, with a new start, I have to fill out these values. If they are stored, it would be a little "easier". Or... instead of a standard value "0", a configureable standard value.

And the second.... exclude or dissable Airports, which are not wanted, but well in the Community Folder. Such like "small" Airports by "clicking them" and they will disappear...😉

I think, I´m not alone, which will use this tool for "commercial flights" , but have also installed small Airfields. In that way, they can be dissabled. Such as lik e "black list".. 😉

I ´ll hope, you will understand, what I mean..... 😊

Thx in advance.


What a great tool !!! My wish for the next release: Connection to simbrief

Is there no way to restrict the random choices to only addon airports?



2 month(s) ago / Takket af kisbAlt

THANK U FOR ALL THIS WORK!! this is now my first step even after i run the sim!!



2 month(s) ago / Takket af kisbAlt

hello captain!

beautiful tool you have created here for the community - thanks you for your time and effort.

one thing, always when I open the AirportFinder.exe, it opens in maximized window mode regardless what setting I set in properties. also the window never remembers last window position on my desktop.

is there a trick to fix that or is it possible to fix that in any further updates?

thank you!

I have just downloaded the program but when I run it and try to select the Community folder, it just closes. I have MSFS on my H drive but the same happens if I try to select the Community folder on my C drive.

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Forslag, fejl og idéer til fremtiden.

  • Version 0.2.2 September 03, 2022

    - Added bing 3d photogrammetry coverage display (under development, accuracy will improve over time)

    - Added Ivao traffic, and atc coverage display

    - You can now choose from several map style

    - Copy coordinates to clipboard (right click anywhere on the map)

    - On the add-on list on the left side you can now filter the list to only show only invalid or all add-ons

    - SimBrief generated flight route is now displayed on the map, you can hover over the waypoints for more information

    - few bugfixes

  • Version 0.2.1 August 18, 2022


    - Implemented VATSIM support

    - Fixed bug which caused a few airport to not to appear on the map

    - Added data refresh for Vatsim, and weather data every 5min

    - Improved Map refresh time after changes in the scenery list config

  • Version 0.2.0 August 10, 2022


    - Implemented SimBrief flightplan generation

    - Saving app state for each session

    - Filter your add-on airports on the map

    - Disable a specific addon

    - Set airport ICAO, coordinates if data couldn't be extracted from scenery files

    - Added feature to select weather layer time

    - Several bugfixes

  • Version 0.1.3 July 19, 2022

    v0.1.3 - small update
    - The program now stores, and remembers window size, position

    - displaying some error messages

  • Version 0.1.1 July 19, 2022


    - If it is at default location OneStore folder gets added to addon folders automatically

    - Marketplace sceneries are now displayed on the map if OneStore folder is added (thanks for help KeinDatenvolumen)

    - Asobo sceneries are now displayed on the map If OneStore folder is added

    - The app now scans for subfolders inside addon folders: addons inside custom folder structures get recognized

    - Fixed issue with calculating ETE with multiple airports added to route

    - Added option to set minimum, maximum radius for non addon airport display

    - Added option to set minimum, maximum distance for random airport generation

    - Added option to set minimum, maximum ETE with specific speed for random airport generation

    - Find airport now has a separate panel below Weather Settings

    - Few map UI improvements

  • Version 0.0.19 July 11, 2022

    changelog v0.0.19

    -added last weather layer update time

    -added option to add multiple airports to the route

    -added option to add selected airport to route

    -added option to export route to .PLN format for further editing in other softwares / for opening in MSFS

    -added scrollbar to addon list

    -optimized scan algorithm

    -added airport search option

    -search for airport by name / icao

    -improved ram usage

    -added icao display for airport circles => only for all addon airports and large non addon airports

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