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Floyds Epic Clouds

The Epic Clouds are a set of 24 cloudscapes with a spread of properties that will provide an interesting and beautiful environment for your flights. They are under constant development and will be updated and extended over time, so subscribe for notifications.


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Epic Clouds trailer #2 (latest)

Epic Clouds trailer #1 (original)

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Can Live Metar be Represented by the Epic Clouds?

This is something I'd like to do programmatically but the SDK does not allow write access to the weather variables.

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Pie in the Sky Tours | Easyjetsimpilot | Carbon Pixel + anotherRyotaSimFlyEagle 23McLares AviationRobert GrzegoreksouljabunnYhavoc23

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Floyds Alpine Odyssey


Preset Presets Clouds Weather
Sim Update 11
Oprindelig udgivelse
December 01, 2021
Sidst opdateret
23 day(s) ago — 1.5




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  • Opdateret til version 1.5

  • Opdateret til version 1.4

  • Opdateret til version 1.3

  • Opdateret til version 1.2

  • Opdateret til version 1.1

  • Initial File Release

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5 month(s) ago

The plan for 2023:

  • Fill in the missing cloud cover set
  • Provide additional intermediate clouds
  • Add environmental variations
  • Add specific weather cases

If you have any special requests, please let me know in the comments.

Hello. I loved the first version. Can we find somewhere the old presets?

Awesome. So realistic! So nice! It's so impressing what you make with the clouds in MSFS! What was already good is even better now! Thank you so much for sharing!

Flying with MSFS is lifted up to a higher level with your cloud presets.

I think I like Altostratus most. But all of them look so good.

Greeting from germany




20 day(s) ago / Takket af Floyd

Hello Guy...Is there a preset for fly online weather?



21 day(s) ago / Takket af Floyd

These are basically my go to presets when I don't fly real weather. Maybe also add some "high seas" type of weather preset for serious marine weather flying?



21 day(s) ago / Takket af Floyd

Funktioniert super!



22 day(s) ago / Takket af Floyd

You're addon and consistency are 100!

Thank you!



22 day(s) ago / Takket af Floyd

Incredible, you are demonstrating what the sim is capable of in terms of clouds depiction. I am using your presets since their Live Weather engine is not generating realistic cloud types. I hope some Devs are looking at what you were able to achieve. Thank you for your hard work !



22 day(s) ago / Takket af Floyd

Quite literally a "game changer". This is one of the few "essential addons" that every user should not hesitate to install. Top class work!

Love the "Rain & Clear" Preset, looks beautiful in Sunrise/Sunset.



1 month(s) ago / Takket af Floyd

I'll say it again, you are the Cloud Master. These sets have utterly transformed the feeling of the game and have ramped up the realism. Thanks so much! Excellent job. I feel they should be included in a future update of the game and MS should send you $$$$ !

The cloud representation with my Sapphire RX6700 under DX11 is very good, but under DX12 I have vertical stripes in the interior view.

Merci pour ce beau travail. Ai fait un petit don pour vous encourager.

Nice job. Thanks!

Thanks they look great well done

These are my go to for fix weather. Fantastic work. Good thing you made 1-12 on one file as I almost didn't delete the expansion file.

Thank you

I am stunned! Insane weather presets and love to fly in them. Keep up the good work Floyd!

one word STUNNING



3 month(s) ago / Takket af Floyd

This is one of those rare add-ons that absolutely breathes new life into the game. How Floyd isn't officially involved in creating presets with Asobo .... well, they're missing a trick, put it that way. Great work, Floyd. This is an ESSENTIAL add-on to have, and hopefully Floyd will have more presets coming soon.

As for a favourite? They are ALL my favourite 😊

The plan for 2023:

  • Fill in the missing cloud cover set
  • Provide additional intermediate clouds
  • Add environmental variations
  • Add specific weather cases

If you have any special requests, please let me know in the comments.

Fantastic presets thank you very much. Your #4 one is my fav! Well done, subbed and waiting eagerly for more! Really adds to the immersion big time and is very much like a real world flight I went on! Thank you very much!

Disse varer er i øjeblikket på listen og vil snart blive behandlet!
Forslag, fejl og idéer til fremtiden.

  • Version 1.5 November 16, 2022

    Version 1.5 of the Epic Clouds is now available!

    There are 24 cloudscapes to choose from. Each name contains a measure of cloud coverage in 1/8th units instead of the previous incrementing numeral, sorted in cloud cover order.

    The cloudscape is represented in the dropdown list as an opaque image with transparent side bars so that you can see the 'time of day' background colour. That should make it easier to see what you are about to load.

    There are many more cloudscapes planned for 2023 to fill in the gaps and offer variations.

    I would like to dedicate this set to all those that have given a donation for encouragement!
    Thank you, it works :0)

    I would also like to thank for providing a professional free platform on which these addons can be exchanged. They have added a huge amount to my flight experience.

    Finally, Asobo deserves nothing but praise for this sim which is absolutely stunning in VR. They also made the amazing clouds that I have been happily twiddling.

    Happy flying :0)

  • Version 1.4 August 30, 2022

    Here is the combined set of 12 Epic Clouds in a single pack, so be sure to remove the previous Epic Clouds and the Expansion Pack before you upgrade, to avoid confusion. The user guide is now a web page, so follow the supplied link in the download to trouble-shoot the installation and more.

    If you make content, I would appreciate it if you would credit the clouds so your audience can find them if they want to. That would help a lot.

    Here are the results of recent developments now in v1.4

    Preset 3 has been replaced with 'Sullen Clouds'.
    Preset 5 has been adjusted to improve ambiance via an overhead layer
    Preset 7 has been rebuilt as a natural fog that hugs the contours in the landscape, so be aware that it will change its appearance according to the terrain.

    The cloud properties for the complete set have been mapped out and reorganised for a more appropriate spread of cloud cover, temperature, pressure, ice and precipitation values. You will probably need to adjust the barometric pressure in the cockpit when you select new clouds.

    I hope you like the new clouds and revisions :0)

  • Version 1.3 July 13, 2022

    The preset titles have been updated to match those of the expansion pack. All 12 presets will now show in the correct position and order within the presets lists.

  • Version 1.2 May 09, 2022

    This version rebalances the clouds after sim update 9

  • Version 1.1 December 29, 2021

    Added preset images to MSFS dropdown list
    Improved preset 5

  • Lanceret December 01, 2021

    Den første udgave af denne fil er netop lanceret. Velkommen om bord!

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Can the Epic Clouds work with live weather?

Sorry, Microsoft have deliberately isolated their live weather system and there isn't a way to access it at the moment :0(   If the situation changes I will investigate it.

Do these presets replace the standard clouds?

The Epic Clouds can be added to and removed from the dropdown list of cloud presets that are already in the sim. They do not replace any other clouds that are available so there no reason not to try them out :0)

How do I install or uninstall the Epic Clouds?

Please refer to the included user guide.

How do I know what type of cloud I am loading?

Each cloud type comes with its own image that appears in the sim's drop-down list of clouds, along with a description. You can also find a screenshot of each cloud type in the included user guide.


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