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Version 0.85
Oprindelig udgivelse May 23, 2021
Sidst opdateret June 09, 2021
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File download now BETA 0.85 (all existing users should upgrade)

0.85 includes fix for previous 'aircraft loading' issue, also now prevents prop 'windmilling' which could cause engine restart issues. Pilot model now has a show/hide capability (red button on stick). Thanks to user 'hyperplan' who provided detailed information for us to find the loading issue.

See this 10-minute demo flight with an introduction to the plane and controls.

Please note this is a BETA VERSION. We're hundreds of hours into the development and decided we're close enough to completion that now would be a good time to get feedback before it's finished. IMHO the plane is already fun to fly.

Known 'incomplete' aspects of the plane (which will be finished for 1.0) include:

  • Climb speed after take-off is faster than it should be.
  • Trim speeds are a bit high (but dump the ballast to see the actual range of trim speeds involved)
  • VR mouse pointers seem to be doubled
  • Sounds are not complete
  • Central Nav panel works fine but will have more soaring nav info added for 1.0

For this Beta release, we have modelled the 18 meter FAI class version and incorporated navigation systems and gauges similar to that of offered by LX Nav. Keep an eye out for future releases of the pure sailplane and 15 meter variant in both "Me" and pure sailplane.

This model incorporates the self launching electric motor currently used on the AS 34 Me standard class sailplane.

This is a work in progress and we would appreciate feedback to ensure we can offer the closest to real world simulation sailplanes, either as completely freeware and on the odd occasion, low cost payware.

For any freeware aircraft, if you like the model and would like to make a donation please use the link below and it will be very much appreciated. But I wish to make it clear, absolutly no functionality has been restricted in this freeware model. Making a donation will not unlock "extra features", every function is activated and any donations are purely voluntary and not an essential requirment. 

Main Features:

  • Main Nav Panel shows real time map display with flight plan, terrain and other aircraft. Future updates will include Task data.
  • Airspeed indicator and main Vario feature multi function menu's with various uptions (please explore the menus, we hope you like them). 
  • ASI will glow red when approaching stall or overspeed and incorporates digital airspeed, air pressure and altitude.
  • Vario incorporates Maccready Setting, Speed To Fly (units and green needle indication) and average climb rate.
  • Multifunction display below the ASI defaults to compass with wind direction and speed. Changing trim will automatically switch to the trim screen and flicking the Ballast Dump toggle switches will automatically switch the screen to the ballast display screen. The screen will default back to the compass after a few seconds. 
  • Just like the real glider, this model features the Alexander Scheicher anti collision light on the tail section which is activated with the toggle switch labeled Strobe. 
  • The wheel brake is linked to the spoilers and is effective between 75% and 100%. A red bar on the ASI indicates the spoiler extension, and a similar red bar on the vario indicatios the use of the wheel brake.
  • Plus many more, please spend some time exploring the model and features
  • Work in progress includes wingflex and task data.


Youtube video of the engine controls can be found here: https://youtu.be/vo2bMZnkFRM



Extract the "madolo-as33me.zip" to your MSFS Community Folder.
Make sure you folder structure is /Community/madolo-as33me/SimObjects/ etc.

MADolo Simulations     (3D model, animations and interior textures)
B21            (Custom coding, flight dynamics and sound)
Chris Bullas        (Exterior Textures)

Special thanks: Jonx (without your help this project would never have even started)
        Wiek Schoenmakers, tjburni, RPSims, jetSonic, Lukas, Khero, taykay8888
        All the UKVGA guys for your support
        Anyone else that gave advise along the way, there are far to many for me to remeber them all.


This file has been checked for viruses using virustotal.com and should therefore should be safe to use. However, this file is used entirely at your own risk.

No other website has permission to list this model, even if it references back to us the original creators. If you wish to share this model with friends, please do so by directing them to this site to ensure they receeive the most up to date version and to ensure the integrity of the model. Please do not share the file.

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  • Version 0.85 June 09, 2021

    Bugfix for previous install issues. Bugfix for prop windmilling preventing engine restart.
    Pilot show/hide button added (button on top of joystick)

  • Lanceret May 23, 2021

    Den første udgave af denne fil er netop lanceret. Velkommen om bord!

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141 Kommentarer

Perdita di FPS su decolli in piste erbose...

Ho problemi con l'avviamento Engine, in volo non si riavvia. in decollo invece engine funziona ma ho un enorme calo di FPM da c/a 65 a 14, inoltre la leva dei diruttori si comanda solo da tastiera ON/OF. Per il resto è eccezionale, complimenti.

Tell us about the purpose of the color markers on the electronic variometer. What is the speed on it?

ALL USERS SHOULD READ THIS. With the .85 update of this model's install instructions there is no mention of the mixing of the two files layout.json & MSFSLayoutGenerator anymore which I have tested to be the case, and in the aircraft selection of the AS 33 ME there is now a further 4 liveries to choose from. With the AS 33 ME on the runway at your selected airport with the engine running select your spoilers and brakes on with the numpad / to prevent it creeping. NOTE YOUR PRESENT ALTITUDE AND ADD 4,000 FEET / 1,219 METERS WHICH IS YOUR MAXIMUM ALTITUDE THAT YOU MUST STAY UNDER TO START AND STOP YOUR ENGINE WITHOUT RESTRICTION. IF YOU EXCEED THIS ALTITUDE THEN YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO START YOUR ENGINE IN YOUR PRESENT FLIGHT. For those of you who may want to start from a higher altitude, I selected SECU at 8,306 ft and tested starting the engine all the way up to 12,000 ft so stayed within the 4,000 ft above my first engine start altitude, and when I went above the 4,000 ft limit the engine failed to start. I am disappointed that neither on New Uploads, Trending right now, and Recently Updated Mods of this Web Page does this model show now. In a cockpit of two, one head is down, and the other is up. All developers have their heads down putting hours into bringing us these Mods, and the least we can do is have ours up in support of them. I Glided from just under 4,000 ft 60 nautical miles to another airport, tested starting the engine on final, and after I landed so I knew I could take-off in the present session. So there you are then, we have a practical working model that we can climb within limits, descend, and climb again. Test yourself how far you can glide before starting the engine. Write a review of interesting places where you have tested. get some stars on the board, and lets support our developers in getting them back on the front pages. What we have now is better than nothing, and have faith in our developers that they will continue to strive in bringing us further updates to satisfy our please haves.

Really great glider. Clear that it is not finished and looking forward for next releases. What I miss most is to change flag and spoiler positions with mouse, which would be especially good in VR. Using VR I don't have issue with a double mouse pointer but most click spots seem right of the actual button.

Please continue to develop this Mod. The flight model is amazing and I look forward to even more. PLEASE DON'T Stop!

Incredible quality for a freeware glider !

I can see how to bind retract and extend spoilers but how do you bind controls to gradually move the spoiler (Blue handle) up and down to get something in between 0 and 100.

Thank you for this great glider, I have had some brilliant flights with it. The only issue I have found with it is the engine will not start if it is deployed during flight. The engine gauge shows the pilon is up and the battery is green, but when throttle is opened nothing happens. The version I am using is 0.85. A 5 star rating is still worthy though.

Hey, how do I hide the pilot body?

Was it so so difficult to change freq?

This is being incredible, thank you very much. Now the revs are zero once the engine is turned off but I can't get it back on, even so they go five stars because it's a great job (sorry for my English)

Amazing. So much fun ahead. Thanks that's a really good new Glider

I love it great work

Hello, nice glider! I have just one problem: sometimes the RPMs go below 0 and after that I can't use the engine (it doesn't start).

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Unfortunately neither the mechanic vario nor the E-Vario is working 😞 Also the prop has waaaay too much static thrust. Even half the power would be unrealistic in my opinion. Or is it the lack of parasite drag that makes it fly that fast?

only 8-12 FPS after the simupdate 4 with this Glider

Thanks do1960, much appreciated.

A lot of fun! I took off from KLMT in Oregon and flew to Crater Lake. Got up to about 18,000 ft. Turned off and stowed the prop. Did some circles above the lake, bled off a little bit of altitude- and managed to successfully glide back to a landing at KLMT!.

What a very promising start, thank you.

I also had to regenerate the layout.json file to get the motor and some instruments to work but after that it has been plane sailing 😉

I also saw hints of FPS slow down after a couple of landings/take-offs which I don't get in other aircraft in the same location with same traffic/weather etc.

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