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Doha City and OTHH Hamad Airport 2.0 (GSX Profile included)

  **Greetings flight simmers! Since a payware rendition of OTHH is now available, further development for this project has been terminated. i wanna thank each of you, the staff, all of you flight simmers around the world for making use of my first biggest...



**Greetings flight simmers! Since a payware rendition of OTHH is now available, further development for this project has been terminated. i wanna thank each of you, the staff, all of you flight simmers around the world for making use of my first biggest project ever made for any flight simulator!!! If you still want to download my work, no problems, it will remain online for now! And don't hesitate to give any feedback, which are always welcome! Thank you and enjoy your flighs into this stunning virtual world of MFS! :D


Dear flight simmers,

Welcome to Doha city and Hamad airport 2.0!


In collaboration with @Risuali, one year ago i've taken the decision of improving his work on Doha called "Doha City and lite airport". At the start, the original project was to improving only the night illumination for the skyscrapers presents in the city; but very soon i realized the more i was working, the more i wished to start working for the OTHH airport as well. I spotted a lot of potential into Risuali's work and later on we decided to create even a small team formed by various talented and interested simmers that joined us later on! We decided to call our team "The Doha Skyline Team". This name was choosen because of my first intentions to post the work just as a basic enhancement for the city skyline.

So WE, as The Doha Skyline Team, are excited to present to you "Doha City and Hamad Airport 2.0"!


@Risuali, @Chris B, @Mriya, @JKaled, @a7_Imu, @QNH997


Thanks to this new 2.0 version, you will experience significant improvement of visuals and features compared to the first version of Risuali's Doha's MOD.


- Added night illumination and anti collision lights to the entire city skyline;

- Added compatibility with IronSim skyline;

- Port areas enhanced;

- Doha old airport OTBD lite enhancement;

- Qatar coastlines improved with watermask (still faulty).


- Runways, aprons, taxiways and gates completely rebuilted;

- Approach water bridges redone from zero;

- Added accurate gate ground marking, dirt and tire marking;

- Added the possibility to call a fuel truck for your aircraft (for MFS default ground services);

- GSX OTHH Custom profile available (separate download);

Using GSX plus my GSX custom profile for OTHH will bring more realistic ground operations, including VDGS system for almost all the gates, underground refueling and realistic local ground services vehicles, including Qatar Airways and QACC catering vehicles.

- Taxiway signs rebuilted and replaced;

- Illuminated windsocks;

- Several worksite areas;

- Fully redone Qatar maintenance hangar (by @Risuali);

- Guard lights implemented (gently delivered by @QNH997);

- Runways's approach lights rebuilted/improved;

- PAPI lights system added and tested;

- Airport coastlines improved with rocks, street lamps, roads, VOR infrastructures and ILS antennas;

- Lots of AI buildings replaced with best ones;

- Main terminal Asobo jetways positions completely replaced and improved;

- New optional download available using GSX custom glass jetways (for GSX users only);

- Improved quality of aprons/roads pavementation;

- Countless amount of scenery objects added everywhere around aprons and gates: fences, static aircrafts, containers, manholes, bushes, palm trees, cars, ground services and much more;

- Overall airport night illumination improvements.




1) Drag "Doha 2.0" folder into your "Community" folder.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS NOT A MOD INTENDED TO WORK ALONE; These 3 addictional MODS will bring some more features like:

- AssetPack and SDR pack for some objects around the airport:

- Karuchie asset for new anti collision lights for the skyscrapers and the water approach bridges:

2) If you can't see some buildings of the worksite area,  the VOR system model or the various parking tents make sure you have installed from the content manager:

- World update 1 of Japan;

- OMDB Dubai from Asobo Premium Deluxe version.

3) For the city skyline, most of the buildings will be the the right ones but note a few skyscrapers may be generic ones or being taken from other cities.


To install and use the GSX custom profile, you will find a separate download once you click into "Donwload 0.7". 

The separate download is called "OTHH GSX custom profile"; once downloaded and unzipped, drag the "othh-hcwl_f.ini" file contained inside into the following directory:

Users > AppData > Roaming > Virtuali > GSX > MSFS



ISSUE 1: Some details around Emiri terminal area, sorroundings and expansion area are missing because this project was not completed yet.

ISSUE 2: Watermask areas are currently without water due to SDK current limitations;

ISSUE 3: Lights and anticollision lights for a few objects/city skyline may not be renderered;

Fix 1: Get closer to the interested location;

Fix 2: Make sure all the addictional recommended assets are installed as well.

ISSUE 4: GSX custom jetways are not working correctly and could be spawned "in pieces".

To fix this, open the FSDT Live Installer, then go into "config". Turn OTHH jetway enhancement off and make sure to enable the "extra ground clutter" option. If this still does not solve the issue, make sure the OTHH airport is placed in the disabled section contained into the Jetway configuration section.




Special thanks to:

@Risuali and @Chris B, the original authors of the first version of this MOD, of the handcrafted buildings of Doha city/airport , of the static aircrafts/Qatar Airways ground services and of the skyline lights.

@QNH997, @a7_Imu and @JKaled for all the precious help into developing this project as a dedicated team! , @Sergio Del Rosso, @colinj and @Karuchie, authors of various addictional asset packs!

Thanks for your interest and enjoy! :)


Doha OTHH Hamad Qatar
Sim Update 11
Intl. Airports
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May 16, 2021
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19 day(s) ago — 0.7.1




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  • Opdateret til version 0.7.1

  • Opdateret til version 0.7

  • Opdateret til version 0.6.1

  • Opdateret til version 0.6

  • Opdateret til version 0.5

  • Opdateret til version 0.2

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26 day(s) ago


Hello flight simmers... Just here to let you know, a spectacular payware rendition of OTHH has just been released moments ago for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer is called MXI Design and to be honest, there is really an enormous abiss in terms of quality between our project and their stunning work. .This announcement won't be good but that may be obvious at the same time. Sadly, our development on OTHH is coming to an end. This was my first and biggest project ever made using an SDK platform and a flight simulator. I really wanna thank you all of my Staff collaborators again for the tons of precious help and for any single of you that decided to stick with us and me with this enourmous and ambitous project, that until today, has just been there to let you have a prettier Doha surroundings compared to the one offered within the default scenery. A BIG THANK YOU AGAIN TO ANY FOR YOU, FOR CHOOSING OUR WORK. <3



1 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

Honestly, the MXI payware is poorly optimized. I guess you made your decision already but it would be nice to see this project continued.



2 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

It's sad to see you guys ending work on this. I've been looking for an OTHH product since I moved there for work. I was super excited to see how well you got the buildings to look like they do in reality. I think the payware only covers the airport, no? If that is the case, could you make a version of your project without the OTHH so we can use your fantastic skyline with the new OTHH?



4 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

Loving greetings and good wishes dear,

appreciated your work. please complete the emiri terminal.

thanks in advance.



6 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya


after SU 11 there are no ILS approaches possible at this airport. The developer of these airports should be an upgrade publishing.

More information finds in the MS Flight Simulator Forum:

I hope for a fast solution.

Thank you.



7 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

I love your work I’ve done a lot of round-trip flights and I can tell you that I’m super proud of the work if the atc could recognize the name of the airport it wouldn’t be bad



14 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

great work

Can you seprate the City and Airport? There is a Doha City payware.

since the last update, the airprot is super stuttery ...

any idea why ?



17 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

I'm quite happy with the last 2 updates, the static aircrafts were removed from the gates, and it certainly feels that performance has been boosted! As for the GSX, i cannot judge, since i don't own it, but for now, i don't mind having the default msfs jetways.

Hi, I am trying to use the GSX Profile but is seems like the follow me car is not working, also when I go to park the plane it is not working



18 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

Well done been following your progress up to now and now it's time to download this thank you



18 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

Beautiful scenery, but what is the Empire State Building doing in the middle of Doha? hope it gets fixed soon



19 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

WOW it is on Payware Level ! THANKS !



19 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

i understand that the emiri terminal doesn't have much detail yet, but is it really necessary to close it off? anyways as said previously, very nice scenery

On all parkings GSX says that it is isolated parking and ground services are not available

Hi! I live in Doha and regularly fly through Hamad. The big pavilion and gates have officially been completed and opened! It's an enormous indoor garden. Will you be issuing an update soon including that?

Additionally, will you and team be adding GSX jetways with the gsx profile? I think it would be very good to include those as the glass jetways are far more realistic than the metal ones. After all, we use glass jetbridges here!

Also, will you be creating OTBD? It is also in use during the Cup and would be good for those of us who want to fly the shuttle flights. FlyDubai 737s, Etihad, AirArabia A320s, etc.



24 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

This is amazing, thank you so much for this spectacular freeware scenery, I would like to know if you plan on making the FIFA Stadiums in the future.

Hi, What is the relationship between this mod and ironsim landmarks doha skyscrapers? The buildings look identical, there are just more of them in the payware. Is it made by the same people? Will you continue to offer a subset of them here for free?



26 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

Incredible work! Your scenario will be used a lot now in the world cup. Congratulations



26 day(s) ago / Takket af Mriya

Hey mate, about GSX do we need to remove the jetbriges on fdst installer?

Disse varer er i øjeblikket på listen og vil snart blive behandlet!
Forslag, fejl og idéer til fremtiden.

  • Version 0.7.1 November 20, 2022

    V0.7..1 CHANGELOG:

    - Corrections of terraforming areas;
    - Corrections of objects, taxiway lines smoothness and various in wrong positions or missing in update 0.7;
    - New optional download in order to choose between
    a version using Asobo default jetways or GSX glass jetways (ofc GSX is required for the 2nd option!);
    - Gate painted lines improvements: more accurate and smooth; now with dirt, tire marking, oil and a bit consumed;
    - Improved details around coastlines: added streetlamps and adjusted a few buidlings, fences, rocks;
    - Faulty watermask areas reduced deleting worse satellite sea colors parts only.

  • Version 0.7 November 12, 2022

    Greetings flight simmers!
    Finally, update 0.7 is released!
    Sorry for the long wait between each update, but my free time is limited plus the staff volunteers are busy as well!
    However, this update is a major one, so you can expect lot of stuff!
    Note that this project still remains a wip work (just like the real life OTHH), so if everything goes well, lot of other updates
    will follow with more improvements and new stuff being added upon availability.
    Before making it to the changelog, special thanks to @Risuali and @JKaled for improving and delivering the first 2
    decent buildings of the entire project: the Qatar Maintenance hangar and the Qatar Cargo terminal!
    Also credits to @QNH997 for giving me permission of using the new custom guard lights!
    That being said, enough with the writing thing. Here it comes the changelog!


    - North side of OTHH redone from zero with objects and tons of details replaced according to real life scenery as close as possible;
    - Cars traffic visibile on the apron fixed with newest SU11 SDK;
    - Y gates apron updated;
    - Brand new realistic Qatar maintenance hangar (by @Risuali)
    - GSX Pro custom profile for OTHH;
    - Old Doha intl airport lite enhancement with some static aircrafts and addictional generic hangars;
    - Stones implementation for all the coasts around OTHH;
    - Airport expansions worksite areas expanded and improved;
    - Around taxiways/runways areas: added dead bushes, illuminated windsocks, black manholes, guard lights, runway exit signs;
    - Apron pavementation redone from zero;
    - Tire marking improvements;
    . Taxiway lines smoothness improved;
    - Qatar Airways static aircrafts are now removed from every gates. (Only a few ones are now placed in various unused parking spots (Q and F docks);
    - Little improvements for the terminal covered parking buildings;
    - When using AIG, FSTL or other AI air traffic mods, cargo aircrafts will now correctly spawn at F gates (cargo apron!);
    - Improved positions of taxiway signs;
    - ASCAF area implemented;
    - All water approach lights and bridges redone from zero with more accuracy and quality;
    - Improved VDGS poles logic;
    - Night illuminations improvements for lot of areas;

    - Improved vastity, illumination and quality of Doha city skyline;
    - Compatibily with IronSim external skyline;
    - Brand new more realistic skyscrapers anticollision lights (for this, an optional addictional mod will be required!)
    - Added FAULTY water mask (without water due to SDK current limitations!) for several Qatar coasts;
    - Hamad port and Ras Laffan port lite enhancement with containers, oil tanks and cargo/oil ships;

    - Watermask areas are currently without water due to SDK current limitations;
    - LOD for some objects (such as skyscrapers lights, various airport objects, ecc) is not
    working correctly and as a result, they may not be rendered.
    Fix: restart your flight or trying getting close to the location of your choice;
    also, avoiding moving too fast around the airport could help the overall scenario loading process.
    - GSX custom jetways are not spawning correctly.
    Fix: Make sure to enable the "extra ground clutter" option via the GSX settings you can fin into the FSDT Universal Installer.

    Please put the .ini file included in the rar file in the following directory:

    - Brand new realistic Qatar Cargo Terminal (by @JKaled);
    - Further improvements around south areas (around Emiri Terminal worksite area, ASCAF area, etc);
    - Brand new ground markings and painted lines (to be confirmed);
    - More custom buildings (to be confirmed);
    - Main terminal texture improvements (to be confirmed).

    Thank for your continued interest about my works! Have a nice flight to/from Doha!! :D

  • Version 0.6.1 February 20, 2022

    Greetings flight simmers,

    VERSION 0.6.1 is out. This is just a minimal update to include anti collision lights and a few addictional objects into Doha 2.0 folder. As a result, the addictional mod "MFS object library" is no longer required but you must install this newest version to include the interested objects.
    Thanks and stay tuned for the next updates!

  • Version 0.6 February 09, 2022

    Greeting flight simmers!

    The time has come for update 0.6 as it will contain the following:

    - Terminal's parking area finally has been filled with tons of scenery objects;
    - Accurate gate ground markings;
    - Tire marking for runways/taxiways redone from scratch;
    - Terraforming, painted lines, pavementation and overall details improvements/corrections/adjustments.
    - City night illumination redone from scratch using Asobo default lights + a few custom ones (gently maked by @Risuali);
    - Skyscrapers anti collision lights redone from scratch (to see them, one new addictional OPTIONAL mod is required!
    Check the full description on my mod's page on

    Stay tuned for the next updates!
    Have a nice flight from/to Doha!

  • Version 0.5 December 25, 2021

    Merry christmas to you all and thanks for your interest about this big project!
    The time has come for another update to bring you the following:


    - Terraforming corrections;
    - Taxiway signs and lines corrections;
    - Tire marking and ground taxiway marking for all the taxiways/runways;
    - North terminal expansion worksite added;
    - Improved alignment and logics of various light poles, painted lines and scenery objects;
    - Cargo area apron and taxiways updated with new gates based on the real world ones;
    - Doha's city and port area little improvemements;
    - Various new objects added around main terminal gates and passenger parking areas;
    - A few more static aircrafts added;
    - Some new taxiways junctions added based on the real world ones;
    - Ground service vehicles roads improved;


  • Version 0.2 July 25, 2021

  • Lanceret May 16, 2021

    Den første udgave af denne fil er netop lanceret. Velkommen om bord!

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The AI traffic is acting weird?

OTHH uses the default AI system offered within MFS2020 and we haven't changed anything about that. Thid does apply even if you are using external tools like AIG, Simple Traffic or FSTL. All the taxiways and runways are fully operative and functional at OTHH. As soon as the AI traffic will start working decently, you will clearly see that!

Why should i use the GSX external tool? Would you recommend it?

Using GSX plus my GSX custom profile for OTHH will bring more realistic ground operations, including VDGS system for almost all the gates, underground refueling and realistic local ground services vehicles, including Qatar Airways and QACC catering vehicles. It will definitely be a way better experience while you're on the ground. Very well recommended.


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