[WIP] - Cessna 152 Backcountry/STOL Mod!

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Version 2.1
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#Real-Life #Experimental Exclusive Drag and Drop

Ah yes, the backcountry 152! 



- 5 extra degrees of flaps for a total of 35 degrees

- 150 horsepower engine to take off shorter!

- Better and stronger brakes

- Removed Co-pilot to save weight.

- Other Various revamps to make the aircraft more stol capable and ready to fly in the bush


Install Instructions:

Included in the download are 2 folders. 1 is named 'sj-cessna-152', this version is the default version of the plane and will overwrite the default Asobo Version. The second folder is named 'sjfly2-c152-backcountry' this version is the big wheel variant and acts as a standalone aircraft. They can be installed seperately or together.


Feel free to give feedback in the comment section, this is my first aircraft project and its gonna need a lot of work but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



CptMoustache - Screenshots/Thumbnails

bagolu - AMAZING work modeling our big wheels and various other improvments!

ANN0V - Beautiful livery's for our Big Wheel variant!


Additionally there is a MSFS forum thread avalable here.

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  • Version 2.1 May 15, 2021

    -3 new livery's on the big wheel variant which are dirty versions of the previous 3 livery's
    -Bug fixes!

  • Version 2.0 May 07, 2021

    -BIG WHEEL VARIANT!! At 1.5 times the original size, they are big and just feel right!

    -New livery's on big wheel variant (3 to be exact)

  • Lanceret April 07, 2021

    Den første udgave af denne fil er netop lanceret. Velkommen om bord!

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42 Kommentarer
Superb mod 10/10


2 day(s) ago
I had a blast flying this plane and will fly it again soon! Thank you.


3 day(s) ago
Great update - thanks! I installed the bush tyre mod and it shows as separate, which is a good idea. With this and the JPL mod to the default C152, it is a really fun plane to fly again.


4 day(s) ago
This is a great idea, but...

I don't like aircraft that replace the default version. Sometimes I just want to fly a plain old 152 (albeit ones with the C152 community mods because they just improve the performance and make them more realistic).

So I tagged this to let me know if/when the time comes that it doesn't replace the base model. Because the reality is that I probably want to fly the plain jane 152 even more than I do this one, but I do want this one for occasions where it's the right choice. I also put it on my wishlist for basically the same reasons.

I will keep an eye on it, as I do want it when it's ready.

That's a lot to ask of a product that costs $0.00, and I'm aware of that. But that is how I feel about it. But in consideration of the price, or rather the lack thereof, you are certainly under no obligation to do a thing. In fact, if I were you, I might tell me to go take a long walk off a short pier.

EDIT: It's an absolutely gorgeous aircraft, so while I can not have any expectations of it being fixed, I sure hope it is.


7 day(s) ago
This is tough. There's a great mod for the 152 which fixes the way it flies here: https://flightsim.to/file/2246/msfs-c152-community

I wish you guys would combine your powers together to make the perfect c152, because I really want to use this mod.


11 day(s) ago
Awesome idea, but do you have plans to do this for the 152 Aerobat and do you plan to make a taildragger version? Either way, downloading now, can't wait! 😊


14 day(s) ago
Is there anyway you can turn it into a addon aircraft instead of overwriting the original ?


22 day(s) ago
I would love this if it left the original plane in there also.
Bush wheels and tires soon?


1 month(s) ago
Awesome mod!!! Are you able to add a garmin 430 in this to make it IFR capable??? We can talk more about this on discord as I have been trying to find a dev that is willing to do this! Thanks! You can message me at Lman#7263 on discord


1 month(s) ago
How does this differ from the community mod, exactly?


1 month(s) ago
Neat idea! Have managed to see a few modified C152s with additional flap and even slat additions, high-end brakes and even struts lol. What was the airport/strip(s) taken in the preview shots? Also, will this work with the popular Community 152 mod?

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